Fernando Torres head in hands for Chelsea ()Fernando Torres head in hands for Chelsea () © Copyright

The six worst misses in Premier League history

Dele Alli had a shocker the other night, but it wasn't the worst miss the Premier League has seen

Ronny Rosenthal, Aston Villa vs. Liverpool, 1992

Probably the most iconic miss in Premier League history is Ronny Rosenthal's effort. Does the hard part with a great touch to take it past the keeper. He probably could have walked it in from there. He didn't...

Nwankwo Kanu, West Brom vs. Middlesborough, 2004

Kanu's career was a bit of a mixed bag. This part was from the rubbish bit of the bag. It looked more difficult to miss...  

Park Ji Sung, Manchester United vs. Middlesborough, 2008

Park Ji Sung was a grafter and a fan favourite at United. So he was quickly forgiven for this shocker. It looked a goal for certain, but Park managed it straight up in air...

Edin Dzeko, Machester City vs Stoke, 2014

Poor Edin got his feet in a tangle. He gave the post a good kicking after too. If he'd have hit the ball like he did the post he probably would have been celebrating...

Maxi Rodriguez, Liverpool vs. Chelsea, 2011

Peach of a ball from Gerrard, Maxi just needed to stroke it home. But he got his footing wrong and lifted it over the target...

Fernando Torres, Manchester United vs. Chelsea, 2011

By this point, Torres was not at the peak of his powers, but he still made a great run to get behind the United defence. He rounded the keeper like the Torres of old, and witht he hard bit out of the way he just needed to poke it into the empty net. Alas, it went wide...


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