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Why you need to know about FISE

550,000 fans attended FISE in Montpellier for the event's 20th anniversary. What is FISE? Well, if you've not heard of it (or even if you have), check out the awesome video below to see why so many turned up for the biggest action sports festival on the planet. 

Pretty cool right?

Basically, if you enjoy watching people spinning through the air, or doing absurd tricks with bikes, scooters, skates, etc. FISE has you covered. Montpellier's event covered Wakeboarding, BMX Flatland, BMX street, BMX Spine contest, MTB Slopestyle, Skate and loads more, so there's something for everyone. What's more the official UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup was added to the programme for the first time, too. 

If you're looking for someone to get behind, there are all sorts of flamboyant characters. But if you're a Brit and you're feeling patriotic, it just so happens that Great Britain are pretty well represented. Mark Webb, Alex Coleborn, Lee Musselwhite, Cam Peak, Tom Istead, Daryl Brown (to name a few) can all be found showcasing their mad skills.

So if you're up for round two, it takes place in Osijek, Croatia 21-23 July – an incredible destination if you’re looking for an alternative weekend break. Or, if you fancy another weekend, you can check out the full FISE calendar here.

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Here's how round one went down.

BMX Spine PRO – Round 1

The first podium spot was taken by Mr. FISE himself Mark Webb (GBR). Mark knows what the crowd wants to see and put on a full-on Webbie Show for them. Daniel Dhers (VEN) ticked off his 60-trick final runs one by one to get second place but it was Australian Logan Martin who came out on top with his solid and clean riding. Check the highlights here

  1. Logan MARTIN 22 years (AUS) 91.66 pts
  2. Daniel DHERS 31 years (VEN) 91.00 pts
  3. Mark WEBB 31 years (GBR) 90.00 pts


UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup – Round 1

GBR’s Alex Coleborn clinched the win and leads the 2016 standings heading into the second round in Croatia 21-23 July.

  1. Alex COLEBORN 23 years (GBR) 91.33 pts
  2. Daniel DHERS 31 years (VEN) 90.33 pts
  3. Mike VARGA 19 years (CAN) 88.00 pts


Lee Musselwhite bmx ()


Flatland Pro – Round 1

The talented Lee Musselwhite (GBR) just missed out on the top three after the final was rained off. This meant that results were taken from the previous days’ semis. Lee felt he had a lot more to give so will be back in full force at round two to claim back the podium. 

  1. Matthias DANDOIS 27 years (FRA) 183.00 pts
  2. Alex JUMELIN 38 years (FRA) 179.00 pts
  3. Joris BRETAGNOLLES 27 years (FRA) 175.00 pts

Images: Maxime Cassen and Szymon Nieborak


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