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Get to know // The Ball Family

Everything you need to know about America’s new sporting family.

Lavar and Tina Bal have three sons: Lonzo (born 1997) who plays point guard for the UCLA Bruins; LiAngelo, a shooting guard/small forward, who’s heading to UCLA next year and LaMelo (born 2001), who plays point guard at Chino Hills High School in California, and at 15, is among the most highly tipped basketball players in the country.

The siblings are regularly featured in the US national media and are all expected to be playing in the NBA within the next five years. We’re going to take a look at what makes each of them so special. 


Lonzo Ball

Lonzo Ball ()


Born 27 October 1997

Height 6ft 6ins

Team UCLA Bruins

Position Point Guard

Lonzo really started to attract attention during his final year of high school. He led Chino Hills to a national championship in an unbeaten 2016 season. In his first year at UCLA he’s broken the college record for assists, won All American honours and is predicted to be picked early in the 2017 NBA Draft.

Most draft simulators project Lonzo Ball to be selected second by the LA Lakers. Currently rock bottom of the Western Conference, The Lakers have struggled for form in recent years and the exciting UCLA team - whose campus is 10KM for The Laker’s arena - have taken the limelight and column inches in the city’s press. 

An intelligent playmaker who can shoot threes, has great handles and is athletic enough to get above the basket, Ball looks set to make a major impression in the NBA from his rookie season. 

Here’s his highlight film.  



LiAngelo Ball

LiAngelo Ball ()


Born 24 November 1998

Height 6ft 5ins

Team Chino Hills High School

Position Shooting Guard/Small Forward 

LiAngelo is probably the least profiled of the siblings, but he’s probably the most versatile scorer player of the three. Currently in his final year at Chino Hills, he’s made commitment to follow his brother to UCLA next year. LiAngelo was a surprise omission from this year’s All American game, which puts the nation’s best high school players head to head in an showcase game.

HIs exclusion comes as a shock because he averaged 27 points per game during Chino Hills unbeaten season and this year his average stands at 34. It’s rare that the top scoring player on (arguably) the top team in the country gets overlooked but it seems to have motivated LiAngelo further, because since the announcement his scoring numbers have gone through the roof. 

At 6ft 5ins, he’s slightly undersized for an elite small forward but LiAngelo’s burly frame and aggressive playing style allows him to bully opposition players when he drivers to the basket. Efficient and effective rather than immediately glamorous, he has the potential to completely take over games are rack up loads and loads of points. 

Here’s a video of him scoring 72 pts in a game, LiAngelo wears number 3. You won’t have to watch the full video to get the idea but look out for the guy wearing number 1, that kid who looks like a cross between Odell Beckham Jr and Drake is the youngest of the Ball Siblings: Lamelo. 



LaMelo Ball

LaMelo Bell ()


Born 22 August 2001

Height 6ft 3ins

Team Chino Hills High School

Position Point Guard 

LaMelo Ball is 15 and already has his own Wikipedia page. He currently plays point guard for Chino Hills alongside brother LiAngelo and cousin Andre Ball. Like his brothers, LaMelo has declared he will Attend ULCA once his graduates from high school. Given the success of his siblings there is always going to be additional attention and pressure placed upon LaMelo and thus far, it’s his scoring exploits which have received most coverage. 

His ability to shoot threes has drawn immediate comparison to GSW’s Steph Curry, but like his two siblings LaMelo can also attack the basket. On 8 February, LaMelo scored 92 points in a game, including 41 in the fourth quarter. He barely did any defending during the game (a 146-123 victory against Los Osos High School) but either way, he popped OFF!!! 

His shooting exploits from that game are pretty impressive, but rather that spam you with more long videos, just enjoy this half court shot from earlier in the season. 



Lavar Ball

Lavar Ball ()


Position Father 

Even though his sons’ games speak for themselves, Lavar Ball is repeatedly keen to make absurd comments about the family’s basketballing abilities. 

Despite playing American football (to professional standard) and only very mediocre college basketball, Lavar has sensationally claimed he could have beaten Michael Jordan one-on-one. He told ESPN that Lonzo, is already better than back-to-back NBA MVP Steph Curry. 


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Whether you think he’s just a being a proud father or is just being hella attention seeking, Lavar has drawn the ire of NBA-legend-turned-TNT-analyst Charles Barkley, that said, Charles Barkley is capable of being equally ridiculous, so we’ll leave them to it.


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