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Where to watch Euro 2016

Euro 2016 kicks off tonight as hosts France take on Romania at the Stade de France, live on ITV at 8pm. But that’s just the start, 50 other LIVE games take place over the next month and we have the ultimate TV guide to keep you on track.

Euro 2016 live on TV – coverage guide and fixture calendar


Friday 10 June

France v Romania Group A: kick-off 8pm live on ITV

Saturday 11 June

Albania v Switzerland Group A: kick-off 2pm BBC1

Wales v Slovakia Group B: 5pm BBC1 and S4C

England v Russia Group B: 8pm ITV

Sunday 12 June

Turkey v Croatia Group D: kick-off 2pm ITV

Poland v Northern Ireland Group C: 5pm BBC1

Germany v Ukraine Group C: 8pm BBC1

Monday 13 June

Spain v Czech Republic Group D: kick-off 2pm ITV

Republic of Ireland v Sweden Group E: 5pm BBC1

Belgium v Italy Group E: 8pm BBC1

Tuesday 14 June

Austria v Hungary Group F: kick-off 5pm ITV

Portugal v Iceland Group F: 8pm BBC1

Wednesday 15 June

Russia v Slovakia Group B: kick-off 2pm BBC1

Romania v Switzerland Group A: 5pm ITV

France v Albania Group A: 8pm ITV

Thursday 16 June

England v Wales Group B: kick-off 2pm BBC1 and S4C

Ukraine v Northern Ireland Group C: 5pm ITV

Germany v Poland Group C: 8pm ITV

Friday 17 June

Italy v Sweden Group E: kick-off 2pm ITV

Czech Republic v Croatia Group D: 5pm BBC1

Spain v Turkey Group D: 8pm ITV

Saturday 18 June

Belgium v Republic of Ireland Group E: kick-off 2pm ITV

Iceland v Hungary Group F: 5pm BBC1

Portugal v Austria Group F: 8pm BBC1

Sunday 19 June

Romania v Albania Group A: kick-off 8pm BBC4

Switzerland v France Group A: 8pm BBC1

Monday 20 June

Russia v Wales Group B: kick-off 8pm ITV4 and S4C

Slovakia v England Group B: 8pm ITV

Tuesday 21 June

Northern Ireland v Germany Group C: kick-off 5pm BBC1

Ukraine v Poland Group C: 5pm BBC Red Button

Croatia v Spain Group D: 8pm ITV

Czech Republic v Turkey Group D: 8pm ITV4

Wednesday 22 June

Hungary v Portugal Group F: kick-off 5pm BBC1

Iceland v Austria Group F: 5pm BBC Red Button

Italy v Republic of Ireland Group E: 8pm ITV

Sweden v Belgium Group E: 8pm ITV4


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