Tyson Fury Punching a slab of meat in a Rocky-style training montage (Malcolm Griffiths)Tyson Fury Punching a slab of meat in a Rocky-style training montage (Malcolm Griffiths) © Copyright

Tyson Fury's wildest moments

Tyson Fury is a one man headline generator. Here are some of his more outrageous moments...

The time he burst into song after beating Klitschko

He did the imposssible and beat Wlad on points, then treated fans to a rendition of Aerosmith's I don't want to miss a thing.


The time he told Klitschko that he was beaten by a fat man

"It's a disgrace to call me an athelte." After applauding Wlad's dedication to boxing, he reminds him that he was beaten by a 'fat man'


The time he turned up late to a press conference dressed as Batman

Brilliantly surreal. A press conference for a world heavyweight title fight, and Tyson turns up dressed as Batman. It get's better too...


And then jumped over the table to fight the joker

Just when you thought you'd seen Tyson at his quirky best, he tops it by leaping over the table to fight the Joker. Wlad's belts go everywhere. Chaos... 


The time he punched himself in the face

It happens to the best of us... probably.


The time he called David Price a stiff idiot

Have you ever heard a more nervous presenter? 


The time he proved to us that Rocky's training regime was rubbish

He chased chickens, punched some meat, ran up steps – the whole Rocky montage. Here's what he thought...

Tyson Fury chasing a chicken in a Rocky-style training montage (Malcolm Griffiths)



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