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Train like robo-Bolt

Nobody knows Usain Bolt’s secret. Maybe he was born with it; maybe it’s chicken nuggets. But thanks to a new Puma robot, runners will soon be able to experience what it would be like to train with the world’s greatest sprinter.

Called the BeatBot, the self-driving robot zips around a track, using nine infrared sensors to follow a lane marking. Runners enter the distance they’re racing and the time they want to beat into a smartphone app, before lining up next to the BeatBot.

The Puma BeatBot ()


After three beeps, the mechanical gizmo gets off to a flyer. You just have to keep up. You can set it to race your own PB or your rival’s. Puma is currently supplying BeatBots to its athletes. “I like this robot,” approved the big man with a chuckle.

The Puma BeatBot can easily match Usain Bolt’s top speed of 27.4mph. It follows the lane-marking line using sensors, making 100 adjustments a second to stay on course.

The Puma BeatBot ()