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About last night: Liverpool Dortmund magic

Liverpool's comeback against Borussia Dortmund was one of the best in the club's history and one of the most exciting football moments of 2016. But there was plenty to get excited about off the pitch too. 

Alberto Moreno's incredible team bus footage

If this doesn't get you psyched up, what will?

Dalglish and Rush get in on the act

Kenny Dalglish is in tears, and Ian Rush is belting it out. You'll never walk alone.


This crowd footage of 'you will never walk alone' is enough to make your hairs stand on end.

Well done lads 

The players salute the fans, the fans applaud the players. 

Klopp's bear hug

Which is better, the skip or the hug?

Sakho selfie

What a mad night. 


The goal

The crowd erupted when Lovren nodded home, just listen to that reaction.