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Prem caps away ticket prices

Great news football fans – the Premier League clubs have all agreed to cap away ticket prices to a maximum of £30 for the next three seasons. Belter.

After a number of fan protests in recent months, including Liverpool fans’ high profile outrage at ticket price increases, the teams finally came together to unanimously agree to the maximum price limit.

Liverpool fans protest ticket prices (Getty)


The Premier League said in a statement: “Clubs know that away fans have a unique status. They are essential for match atmosphere and stimulate the response from home fans that distinguishes Barclays Premier League matches from those of other leagues.”

Though announced on Wednesday, the new cap doesn’t come into force until next season and is set to run for three years to the end of the 2018/19 season.

Arsenal have gone even further with initiative though, and said they would provide a further £4 discount for away supporters, so Gunners fans would pay just £26 to go to away games.

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