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Run for your life

Meet the 25-year-old ultra girl who swapped London life for mountain trails, and the best places where you can also hit the trails

Milly Voice’s life changed the moment her trainers hit the soft ground of a mountain trail two years ago. At the time, she was living and working full-time as a teaching assistant in London, running mainly on roads and pavements for fitness.

“My trainers got off the tarmac and it just changed things for me,” Voice tells Forever Sports, recalling a holiday to the Peak District, where a friend persuaded her to take the path less trodden.

“As soon as I got off the road, I headed up the mountain pretty much straight afterwards.” 

After that, she left the capital and settled in the north: splitting time between Manchester and the Peak District. She has recalibrated her life to put being active at its heart, rather than something squeezed in around all of life’s inconveniences. 

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“I work to make the most of my sport, so I’m involved in quite diverse projects that allow me to focus on my running. I get to write about my sport; I run my own blog (; I work in order to make my running as possible as it can be.” 

She represents the outdoor clothing brand Salomon and works for Outside Shop, reviewing apparel on her blog and doing photoshoots in the gear. Voice recently qualified as a teacher and has just written a children’s book, too. These various pursuits allow her to spend her time doing what she loves: running.

“For me, the feeling of getting off the road – the adventure side of being in the mountains – is where my real passion lies.”

 “I’ve got a passion for off-road ultra running. The nature of the challenge, because it is so tough, you have this sense that you’re looking out for other people. It’s a really friendly sport.

“The feeling of running to me is a mixture of hard work, effort… determination to succeed. And also exhilaration, passion… I think it’s quite reflective of life in a way. It can be quite work bit it pays off, and then you have the exhilaration of doing well and achieving something.” 

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For her next challenge, Voice will compete in multi-day events, which require runners to go all night (or survive on tiny naps).

“That feeling of accomplishment is just an overwhelming and amazing feeling. A lot of people say I’m bonkers. But I quite like that.”


Snowdonia, Wales
Highest point: 1085m (Mt Snowdon)
Daily chance of rain: 45%
No. of mountains over 3,000ft: 6

Peak District, England
Highest point: 636m (Kinder Scout)
Daily chance of rain: 34%
No. of mountains over 2,000ft: 4

Cairngorms, Scotland
Highest point: 1309m (Ben Macdui)
Daily chance of rain: 43%
No. of mountains over 3,000ft: 18

Lake District, England
Highest point: 978m (Scalfell Pike)
Daily chance of rain: 48%
No. of mountains over 3,000ft: 4

If you want to try trail running, or even compete in an event, head to to find out where you can take part.

Photography: John D Mason


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