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The man who did a 472-day marathon

Jamie Ramsay ran for 472 days from Vancouver to Buenos Aires. We ask him why  

When most of us pop out for a run, we expect to be out for about 30-40 minutes. Not Jamie Ramsay.

When Jamie left the house in late 2013, he didn’t come back for 472 days, as he decided to “jog” from Vancouver to Buenos Aires. That’s right, North America to South America, a distance of around 17,000km – or 400 marathons through 14 countries.

He got through 17 pairs of running shoes and was running in temperatures ranging from -10oC to 45oC. All of which begs the question – why?

Jamie Ramsay sits on a rock during his 472-day marathon ()


“I had been working in the City for 12 years and wanted to achieve something significant before it was too late,” he explains. “Also, the thought of just remaining at that same desk surrounded by the same people for another 30 years was too depressing.

I have always been a runner and thought that running across countries might be an interesting challenge.”

Remarkably, other than a “horrible bladder infection” in Nicaragua and “a parasite” in The Darién Gap – after swimming in the jungle – Jamie stayed injury-free throughout and is now planning a new challenge, either “popping out” to swim the UK, or more multi-marathon fun abroad.