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How to do the Elastico

The elastico is one of football’s jazziest skills. Popularised by tricksters like Ronaldinho and Neymar Jr, it’s the kind of skill that might get you kicked by defenders on a Sunday morning. The elastico involves flicking the ball with your outside and then the inside of your foot. If you can’t do it, then follow our step-by-step guide to pulling it off.


(The touch)

Start by standing on the spot and getting a feel for the ball by hitting it with the outside and inside of your foot. Once you’ve got the hang of this, you can work on the same thing but hopping on the spot on your support foot, to begin to mimic the action of running. When you’re happy, put two markers five metres apart and begin hopping between them doing the skill. Ultimately the elastico requires a continuous, single contact with the ball, but you’ll need to perfect this stage first.


(The actual skill)

OK, let’s move onto the skill. Using the front of the outside of the boot, brush the ball so that it moves it outwardly, but deftly enough to ensure you can wrap your foot around the ball. If you’re right-footed, make contact around eight o’clock as you look down on the ball. Wrap your toes around the ball anticlockwise. Then you need to quickly move through with the inside of your boot, making contact around three o’clock. Throwing your bodyweight from your shoulders will help trick your defender. Practice, practice, practice.


Once you’ve mastered the skill, try it in training, try it in games when you’re winning. Use it once you’ve brought your marker to a standstill, then accelerate away with the ball. Oh, and prepare to get booted by your opponent for whipping out the jazz.



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