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Hartley winner sends Plymouth fans crazy

Peter Hartley ensured his Plymouth side booked their place in the League Two play-off final at Wembley after scoring a late header to see off a devastated Portsmouth at Home Park. Some, may have lost their composure though - take a look at the five funniest moments following the goal.

Jake Jervis is cradled like a baby

Ok, so your team has just scored a goal to send you to a Wembley final - permission to go mental. Like anybody would, Jervis runs straight for the nearest middle-aged man he could find, and jumps into his arms. The man manages to carry all of Jervis' weight before eventually collapsing.

Plymouth celebration playoff ()


Eager fan dives over the advertising boards

The celebrations are well and truly under way. With a few dozen fans rushing to get in on the action, what other option is there, but to dive over the advertising boards in a bid to get even closer to your idols. Ashley Young would have been proud of that effort - it's a 10 from the judges.

Jubilant ball boys restrain themselves

With all the chaos and passion that was going on around them, the ball boys at Home Park showed incredible restraint to avoid the player scramble. Maybe the chance of gracing the Wembley turf kept the boys' behaviour in check.

Photographer realises he is a photographer

The official accreditation around his neck may have been a giveaway but this photographer was none the wiser. As players and fans celebrated all around him, the man with the camera jolts into action, before capturing what should be one of the images of the season.