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What's upp?: Becky James

Team GB’s Olympic double silver track cyclist on Flamenco in Barca and a mini-dachshund on Insta

FS: Wuu2 atm?

Becky: I’ve been here, there and everywhere catching up with friends and family because I was very unsociable before Rio. It’s nice to be able to go out again and not have to be in bed by a certain time.

FS: Any post-Rio partying?

Becky: Just after Rio, I went to Barcelona for four days on a hen-do. We had a Flamenco dancing lesson but I am so uncoordinated, it was a bit embarrassing. It’s all about stamping your feet and clapping your hands in a rhythm but I have no rhythm so I found it really hard.

FS: Can you eat and drink what you like again now?

Becky: I cut out cake in the build up to the Olympics but now I’m getting back into my baking and Bake Off is on TV again, which helps. I love baking. I usually take the cakes I make to the velodrome and feed the coaches up.

FS: That must be a move.

Becky: I think so! They were pretty disappointed when I stopped baking for a few months before Rio.

FS: Your dog Lola has a pretty big following on Insta. How does she do it? 

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Becky: No, I control her Instagram! I was talking to my massage therapist recently and she asked, “What’s the matter?” I said I’d FaceTimed Lola but she wouldn’t talk to me. I felt a bit ridiculous but she normally recognises my voice.

Double Olympic silver medallist Becky James is Fitbit UK ambassador 

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