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How not to ruin your fantasy football team

We’re all going to pick a team so you might as well read our essential dos and don’ts

Do study value

Use a formula known as PPM (Points per million). Dividing a player’s total points by their fantasy price gives their scoring potential on a per million basis.

Do learn form

Use another formula known as PPG6 (Points per game from last 6 games) when calculating a player’s form. This is an ideal way to choose between two players.

Do research positions

Look out for incorrectly classified players, eg, defenders who actually play further up in midfield, like Tottenham’s Eric Dier in 2015/16.

Don’t pick Carlos Kickaball

Do not pick a player who hasn’t proven themselves in a new league. New surroundings, climate, food, lifestyle, style of play; many reasons why it’s not worth the risk.

Don’t be loyal

Don’t pick players from the team you support without taking into account their form or value. 

Don’t rest

Casual players often lose become lazy. Take advantage. Watch games, study form and keep an eye on fixtures.   

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