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DC: what to expect from the Bahrain Grand Prix

F1 legend and pundit David Coulthard talks Bahrain, tips Räikkönen for a strong race and discusses what we learned from Australia.

What to expect in Bahrain
"Bahrain has been a track that Räikkönen has gone well at in the past, so he may well be a bit more prominent. Largely speaking he’s been a bit behind Vettel, but he’ll be a bit stronger there."

"Given the nature of the track – I think Mercedes still go there as favourites. Ferrari will be interesting; it’s an evening race so track temperature starts to drop. But if you look at where Ferrari were strong last year it tended to be at the higher track temperature and higher wear circuits."

"So it will be interesting to see if they’re a wee bit closer or not. Otherwise, it’s a good circuit, it gives reasonable racing, and so I’m hopeful and optimistic that we’ll see just that."

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What we learned from Australia
"I think we learned a few things."

"We saw that there was close to 2million people watching on channel 4. So we know British public interest is still high. There was some concern about viewing figures with it no longer being on BBC, but the figures were very strong. That’s encouraging."

"Coming to the race itself, we had a little bit of everything. We had Ferrari leading, which is good for the most famous name in Formula 1."

"In the end Mercedes came through and won the race. And I suspect Ferrari are a little frustrated by their tyre choice at the red flag."

"They forced themselves to have to make another stop. Hindsight being a wonderful thing, I’m sure they would do something different. And if they say they would do exactly the same again then they’re talking bollocks, because that’s just a defence mechanism to the mistake they’ve made. You would definitely do something different, to get a different outcome."

"We also had a big crash, which reminded everyone not only is the sport dangerous but it has moved forward in safety, because he was able to walk out of the car relatively unharmed."

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