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Neville: How to make a wrestler

Benjamin Satterley, aka Neville, is a 5ft 8in Geordie native taking the WWE by storm. He tells us how he made his mark in one of the world’s most popular sports and what it takes to be a WWE Superstar


“I have had countless injuries, knocked all my teeth out, broken bones, and it is obviously a risk, but a calculated risk. A lot of it is just mentally overcoming your fear.

“When I was training in a school in Gateshead, they taught me the very basics of grappling and how to fall but what I needed to know was how to compete. In my own time, I practice my acrobatics. I use a lot of the gymnastic facilities - foam pits, sprung floors, trampolines - to create routines and hone my high-flying ability."

Small, fast and aggressive

“Growing up, I looked up to guys like Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, and further back in history, Dynamite Kid – smaller guys who are fast and aggressive and not scared to take risks; and throw their bodies through the air to excite crowds but to also play the advantage. It’s a style that allows me to compensate for what I lack in size.”

Model professional

“Every week, we perform on TV in front of millions, so part of the job is having to look good - you have to look athletic. In the lead up to an event, it is about feeding your body and preparing it. I am a very fast wrestler and quite intense, so conditioning is a huge priority in my training menu.

"I do a lot of cross-fit inspired conditioning drills, lots of circuit training, high intensity interval training, purely for performance. Generally outside of the conditioning work, I do a lot of bodybuilding, to serve my strength goals but also my aesthetic goals in the business.”

Hone your brand

“My favourite band of all-time is The Specials out of Coventry. A character named Neville Staple used to be the band’s toaster, so he would chat over the songs to hype up the crowd. I liked the name Neville; it felt British, it felt pretty normal, and I thought that was contradictory to how I perform in the ring: the crazy daredevil wrestler.”

Signature move

“My finishing move is a combination of two moves: firstly, a shooting star press, which sees you start facing forward, then jump, travelling forward, whilst at the same time flipping backwards.