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Anthony Watson on life outside rugby

After a Six Nations Grand Slam and a whitewash of Australia Down Under, the Bath winger likes nothing better than to watch the NFL and fill up on his mum’s home cooking. Anthony Watson tells FS magazine what he gets up to outside of Rugby...

Not a master chef

We’re lucky enough to get a lot of our food cooked for us at the club, so we only have to take care of one meal a day, just dinner in the evening. I’m absolutely awful in the kitchen so I spend a lot of time at Nando’s and eating very basic stuff like chicken and broccoli. But my girlfriend is much better than me and she cooks most of the time, which is ideal. 

Eba ()


Eba from Nigeria

My mum’s Nigerian food is my go-to; a traditional Nigerian dish called eba. It’s basically some semolina and some soup. It’s quite hard to explain but it’s amazing. I can’t get enough of it.


I’m interested in fashion and wouldn’t rule out doing something in that area after I finish playing. I’m pretty obsessed with shoes too so maybe I’ll design shoes or something like that. But for now I’m very concentrated on my rugby. 

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Rugby idols

Anyone who’s my age is going to say they’re a big fan of Jonny Wilkinson. Jason Robinson too, he was an unbelievable athlete. The crowd was expecting something every time he touched the ball. That’s something I try to emulate. 

Gravity ()



I’m obsessed with Interstellar, that’s probably my favourite film of all time. I like all of Christopher Nolan’s movies, he did Shutter Island and Inception too. Anything he’s making I’ll be straight to the cinema the first day it’s out, for sure. I love going to the cinema, you can enjoy a film much more there and get popcorn. 

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No boy racer

Without plugging them too much, I’ve just started an ambassadorial role with Maserati. I just got one of those last month and it’s an absolute dream to drive. It’s an unbelievable car. It’s the fastest car I’ve owned by a long way but I’m trying to stay relaxed in it and not take the mick. I’m not trying to turn into a boy racer. 

Drake on stage ()



I’m into rap and hip-hop, Drake, Future, those kind guys. I saw Drake perform live a couple of years ago in London, which is definitely something I need to do more. But it’s tricky, it has to match up with your schedule. 


I’ve been watching a series called Power recently, that’s got me gripped. There’s a drug dealer in New York and loads of twists that get you hooked. Every episode ends with a cliffhanger so you have to watch the next one. Stranger Things on Netflix was really interesting too. 

Olympic brother

I enjoyed watching my older brother, Marcus, playing Sevens at the Olympics on TV [Team GB won silver]. He used to win at everything. It was a bit frustrating for me and my younger brother, Callum, growing up. But that fuelled us to get better. We competed for everything: football in the garden, swimming, FIFA… Anything that involved a race or winning

Odell Beckham JR ()



I like the American sports, particularly the NBA and NFL, I just love the freedom of expression they have over there. The way they go about their sports is awesome. My missus is from New York so every time I’ve been over there I’ve kept up with the Giants and how they’re doing. They’ve got Odell Beckham, who I’m a big fan of. The boys take the piss out of me and say I’m trying to be like him so I’d better not talk about him too much!

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