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Kick back with Adam Gemili

Adam Gemili is the European 200m champion and the first Briton to go under both 10 seconds in the 100m and 20 seconds in the 200m. Here’s how he unwinds

Action Man

Gerard Butler ()


Last thing I saw at the cinema was London Has Fallen with Gerard Butler. Some people have been quite harsh on it, but I’m an action movie fan so I absolutely loved it. I’m a fan of Will Smith too, he’s a good actor. And Di Caprio; you know these guys are going to be in good films.

Don't Dice With Mice

Mouse ()

I don’t have any pets but my girlfriend has four cats. The thing with cats is, I don’t like mice or anything like that. I do not deal well with them. If one of her cats brings a mouse into the house, I’ll leave her to deal with it. Mice and rats are erratic and they scuttle, I just don’t like them. I can deal with bugs and spiders and all that, but mice are not my cup of tea.

Spray It, Don't Say It

I’m quite into spray paint art at the moment. I watched a couple of videos on YouTube, went and got myself a couple of spray paints and got set up in my garage. It’s really good fun, making some cool pictures. I spray onto canvas or paper, and make different designs with it. You have to wear a ventilator – that stuff would take years off your life if you breathed it in.

Get The Guitar

I play the guitar and the piano sometimes, but I prefer guitar. A couple of my friends taught me how to play a few basic chords then I went on YouTube and learnt for myself. I’m not going to be joining any orchestra or getting graded any time soon. I just enjoy playing it when I get time. My favourite song to play is Let Her Go by Passenger – I can play that the full way through.

Mood Music

Before competing, I just listen to music. To chill out before a race, I’d listen to some chart stuff like Ryan Keen, or there’s a classical composer called Einaudi who’s very good. If I need to get myself going a bit, I’ll go for grime, so Jme is someone I like, or Skepta. I like Drake as well, plus Jay Z and Kanye. The last gig I went to was a band called Lucius, who have two girls singing together, and their voices are just amazing.


My favourite holiday destination is Morocco. My dad’s Moroccan, so I’ve got a lot of family there. I go to Tangier and a place called Ksar – not really the touristy areas, just where my family’s based. I like to go to the beach, eat what I want, sleep when I want and just have a little break.

Tagine Machine

I’ve been brought up being able to cook and I like to try different spices and flavours. I can make a good lamb tagine. It takes two or three hours to cook but it always comes out well. I throw in some spices and onions and garlic, tomatoes, sweet potato, and dried apricots all go quite nicely.

Cheat Days

I do enjoy a good Nando’s. I’m a big fan of their food and it’s not that unhealthy. I can eat anything bad really, I’ve got a very sweet tooth. My big weakness during the off-season is crisps. Chocolates and sweets I can do without, but give me some good Thai sweet chilli Sensations and I can go through a whole bag.


I use my GoPro a lot – I enjoy making vlogs if I go away. A friend of mine has a harness so you can attach the GoPro to your chest to get a point-of-view shot. I haven’t put it online but I’ve tried it out in training and it looks good. I’ve only done two vlogs, but I watch a lot of YouTube videos and I’m fortunate enough to know a few YouTubers.

Planning For A Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie apoc ()


My favourite TV show at the moment is The Walking Dead, I’m a big fan of the whole zombie apocalypse thing. My friends and I have already planned out how we’d survive. It sounds a bit weird but we’ve sat down and had this conversation seriously! We’d get to a big warehouse like Costco and stock up with supplies in a couple of vans. Then head down to Dover and steal a ferry to live on. Zombies aren’t good with water, so I think we’d be alright. We could hang out there until it all blows over.


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