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Yes carbs

Carbs are maligned and celebrated in equal measure, but they are fundamental to a healthy diet. We take a look at what complex fibrous carbs can do for you and your body.

Why they win

Complex fibrous carbs are one food group you literally can’t have enough off. Not only are they a decent source of energy giving carbohydrate, the dietary fibre they contain is good for your gut.

They’re also low in calories, meaning you can eat more without overeating, and they’re chock full of minerals and vitamins, such as iron, selenium, potassium, magnesium and vitamin D.


Much like its green cousin broccoli, cauliflower has a decent amount of dietary fibre and is low in calories, making it a great bulking agent for your dinners. Just lay off the cheese sauce…


The little green tree is a force of nature in a nutritional sense, packing in plenty of minerals and vitamins, is low in calories and has around 6g of carbohydrate per 100g.


These little white gems are not only tasty cooked any which way and low in calories, but are a good source of selenium, vitamin D, and iron. 

Vegetables on a purple background ()


Photo: Matt Beedle