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Olivia Breen: What's in your fridge?

The 19-year-old T38 sprinter and long jumper is training for the Paralympics. She tells us what food will fuel her road to Rio.

Sweet like potato

On days when I’m not training, I don’t eat as much carbs. I’m a big fan of sweet potato and that’s quite high in carbs so I don’t have that on my day off. It’s my favourite food ever. I could eat it all day. I’m obsessed with it.

Mean green smoothies

In the morning before training, I’ll make a green shake with stuff like kale, broccoli, oats and bananas. It sounds like a disgusting combination but it’s not too bad.

Early riser

For breakfast, I might have protein pancakes and turkey bacon. I prepare lunch the night before, maybe chicken and rice, because I leave early to get to training.

Just like Snickers

I make my own protein balls with oats, coconut, peanut butter and cocoa and protein. It tastes like a Snickers, but it's healthy. The chocolate ones are the best.

Percy Pigging out

I’m training to run longer distances at the moment, and whenever I train, I crave sweet things afterwards. My favourite ones are Percy Pigs, I have a bit of an addiction but I can’t eat too many because they’re so high in sugar.


I couldn’t be a vegetarian, I love meat. My favourite meat is steak. I’d get it cooked medium in a restaurant. With ketchup, which is bad, isn’t it? [Laughs] I just love it!


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On my day off, I might have a square of dark chocolate – it has more cocoa and less sugar and cream than regular chocolate. When I’m not competing, I can go a bit crazy with doughnuts, pizza or crisps. But when I’m back in training, I do stay very disciplined.

Motivational chocolate

When I’ve finished my last race of a competition and I can have a chocolate bar, it’s the best feeling ever. I’ll keep one in my bag for after the race. When I was at the World Championships last year, my final event was the relay and I left the chocolate until after that. It was extra motivation to get a medal.


I drink a lot of water but I also usually have some fresh orange juice, like Tropicana. I drink regular tea, with
a bit of semi-skimmed milk. Skimmed milk is too watery, and full fat is too creamy. My nutritionist tells me I should drink full fat – it’s meant to be healthier.


I eat egg whites but I don’t like the yolk. The egg white is good for protein. On my days off, I’ll have smoked salmon and poached egg. 

Killer instinct

I work with a nutritionist, Sophie Killer, from Team GB. She tells me to have carbs for breakfast – because of the type of training I do – my main meal for lunch, and then a snack for dinner. I'm surprised that I should stay away from carbs when I’m not training, because I would have thought, as a sprinter, I'd need as much energy as I can get. 

Sophie’s also been telling me to have some caffeine before training, so I’ve been drinking caffeine sachets, which are disgusting. My coach gave me a caffeine tablet last year and I was awake for about two weeks. I’m never taking that again!


I prefer fish to meat – tuna pasta is an easy meal to make. You can make a big pot and have it for lunch. 


I take quite a few – vitamin C, D, probiotics, magnesium and beta alanine, it’s a good thing for lactic acid, so I’m taking that now that I’m doing 400m in training.

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