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Chilli Chicken Stir-Fry

You absolutely have to refuel your body after your workout, otherwise you’re not getting the most out of your effort. We recommend a balance of proteins and carbohydrates to deliver those important amino acids that work on your muscles – repairing, building and restoring glycogen stores.

Ideally, you should eat within an hour of finishing exercise. Your body will be thirsty for replenishment, and it will absorb nutrients quickly. But what kind of food is best?

This tasty little Asian number is quick to whip up, and it has a good balance between whole protein (chicken), fibrous carbs (veg) and complex carbs (noodles).

Ingredients (serves 1)

■ 150g chicken breast
■ half an aubergine
■ 3 baby sweetcorn
■ 100g egg noodles
■ handful mangetout
■ 1 red chilli
■ 1 stalk lemon grass
■ 1 tbsp soy sauce
■ 1 tbsp coconut oil

Step 1

Dice the chicken breast – 150g is roughly one breast. Cut the aubergine into chunks, split the baby sweetcorn in half, chop the chilli finely. Grate a tablespoon of lemon grass.

Step 2

Put the coconut oil in a frying pan on a high heat. Let it liquefy, add the chicken and fry until it lightly browns (3-4 min). Add the chilli, sweetcorn and aubergine and soften (3 min). Add the mangetout last, so it stays crunchy.

Step 3

As your meal is heating through, add the soy sauce and lemon grass. Put the noodles in boiling water and cook until soft (2 min). Drain the noodles and pile onto the plate. Add the stir-fry on top and garnish with coriander.



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