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Is it time to blow the whistle on football snacking?

Flat screen? Check. Best mates? Check. Tasty snacks? Obviously. Euro 2016 is set to start and that means gorging on junk food and generally being a couch potato. But football fans should think twice before ordering that pizza.

A study by leading sports nutrition company looked at some of the UK’s most popular snacks alongside the minutes it would take to burn them off on a football pitch.

The data shows that devouring a pack of chocolate biscuits whilst watching the game is a massive mistake, taking almost three hours to make up for the 1,485 calories consumed.

Sports fans also need to work up a sweat for over an hour if they fancy a few beers, with each 500ml can equating to 24 minutes of football.

Opting for crisps to go with the beer bumps up the calories and would require an extra 53 minutes on the field to burn off.

The worst TV-viewing treat was pepperoni pizza, requiring over four hours on the pitch after indulging. Opting for chips with pizza means the football fans should complete three full matches to burn off the calories.

Despite this, a serving of chips alone is actually one of the lowest calorie snacks, and has 200 calories less than the seemingly healthier option of peanuts.

You could grab a bite from the chippy in half time and burn off the calories by playing football until the end of the match.

Here’s a full list of favourite snacks and minutes of football required to make up for them:




Mins of football

Crisps (150 g bag)

484 kcal

53 mins

Beef and onion pie

552 kcal

1 hour 1 min

Beer (500 ml can)

220 kcal

24 mins

Peanuts (100g)

567 kcal

1 hour 3 mins

Chocolate (200g bar)

1,050 kcal

1 hour 56 mins

Chocolate biscuits (300g packet)

1,485 kcal

2 hours 45 mins

Pork scratching (70 g bag)

432 kcal

48 mins

Pizza (14” Pepperoni)

2269 kcal

4 hours 5 mins

Chips (medium serving 117g)

365 kcal

40 mins



33 mins

Nachos & cheese (1 portion 6 – 8 nachos)   

346 kcal

38 mins


Fear not though football fans, Darren Beale of is here to save the day with healthier alternatives of your favourite snacks.

“We’re all guilty of indulging in a pizza or beer once in a while, and the amount of time required on the pitch to make up for these treats means we need to be watching our waistlines alongside Euro 2016.

“One of the ways we try to avoid overeating is by creating alternatives with lower fat and calories, including our Mighty Meaty Protein Pizza with a massive 70% less calories than the standard pepperoni and just 3 grams of fat per serving and our Protein Pies (pictured below), which are only 350 calories.”     

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