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Holly Bradshaw: What's in your fridge?

British pole vault record holder, Holly Bradshaw, tells us how she fuels up to power her way over the height of a double decker bus.

Paleo Breakfast

Most mornings I have eggs because they’re high in protein. If I’ve got a more extensive session I might have a piece of toast or Paleo banana cake that I make with almond butter, eggs, vanilla extract and cinnamon. It’s carb-free… apart from the bananas. It satisfies a small sugar craving, though.


When I’m competing, I like to have lots of snacks; bananas, maybe some flapjacks because I’m out there for four or five hours and you can’t just nip to the shops. You’ve got to have enough with you to keep you going.

No Lactose

I’ve recently started using lactose-free products Monday to Friday, so I drink soy milk, and eat lactose-free cheese and yoghurts. On weekends, I have lactose foods and normal milk because I don’t want to be intolerant to lactose.


I have some carbs with most meals, but it’s mainly protein and vegetables. I tend to have quinoa or wholegrain pasta and rice. I don’t eat much bread but I eat linseed toast sometimes.

Eat Your Greens

We have asparagus, broccoli, avocado, green beans, salads and spinach because I tend to have one salad a day with chicken breast or something like that. We always have onions, peppers and mushrooms too, because we make a lot of spaghetti bolognese or fajitas and they go really well with that.

Berry Me 

I like berries because they’re low in sugar. I also chop up red apples and have them as a snack, or I’ll have some soy yoghurt with raspberries or strawberries.


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Eggs are a big thing for me, I eat a lot of them. I’m not a fussy eater so I’ll try and get a bit of fish in during the week, either salmon, cod, tuna or calamari. We eat a lot of chicken, too, and I like steak. See? I’m not a fussy eater.

Signature Dish

I do this really good aubergine lasagne, where the lasagne sheets are replaced with grilled aubergine. It’s got carrots, celery, a bit of white wine and a bit of rosemary and the flavours are tasty. I just buy the wine when I need it for cooking, though – I don’t keep wine in the house because I don’t drink. If my friends come round for lasagne, they drink the wine as well.

Lunch When Training 

I’ll often have salad with halloumi or meat, and maybe sprinkle in pine nuts. Or I’d have a jacket potato with tuna, or soup. Something low in carbs.

Steak Snob

I always go rare. I’m a bit of a steak snob. I’d only ever order fillet steak if I’m eating out and I will only ever buy fillet steak for cooking at home.


I tend to do this thing where I have either 30 or 60 days clean, then I have a day where I can eat what I want. That’s when I get a takeaway. It keeps me focused, because I know if I’ve been clean in the 30 days before, I’ve earned it, but if I haven’t and I’m about to eat pizza, I’ll feel guilty. My favourite takeaways are Domino’s or a KFC.


We don’t have any cordial or fruit juices because they’re really high in sugar. I just stick to water and occasionally when I go out, I might have a lime and soda. That’s my way of mixing it up because I’ve tried to totally cut out fizzy drinks.

On The Sauce

We have ketchup, but that’s mainly because my husband can’t live without it. No hot sauces, though – neither of us like spice!


I lift twice a week, so have protein shakes. Other than that, I take Pas Defence and some Omega 3.


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Holly Bradshaw is supported by the Sky Academy Sports Scolarship scheme skysports.com/scholarship


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