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3 tasty snacks you should be eating

Choosing the right snacks is vital. See how you get on with this lot

Cashews & cacao 

Cashews and cacao healthy snack ()


What is it? Two ‘thumbs’ of cashew nuts or almonds, and one teaspoon of raw cacao nibs.

Why? Both nuts are rich in minerals and vitamins to contribute to a healthy heart, brain, blood and immune system, while raw cacao contains all sorts of good stuff.


Mixed olives 

Mixed Olives healthy snack ()


What is it? Two ‘thumbs’ of mixed olives.

Why? Olives are a well-known source of vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant that’s good for the heart. They’re also rich in iron, which is essential for carrying oxygen in the body’s red blood cells.


Almond butter and salad 

Almond butter ()


What is it? One ‘thumb’ of almond butter with a fist of celery, peppers and cucumber.

Why? When you need a punch of protein, as well as healthy monounsaturated fats for a boost of energy, almond butter is your best friend. Couple with celery or peppers for a low calorie snack that’ll fill you up.

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