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Eat like a Muay Thai fighter

British Muay Thai fighter Greg Wootton opens his door to give us a glance at his weekly intake

With Oxford-educated nutritionist Freddy Brown on his team, Greg “The Prodigy” Wootton ensures he lives by a strict diet. “Muay Thai fighters have a low body mass index,” explains Brown, “because it’s a weight categorised sport and they fight at a lower weight than they’d naturally be. I advise on the right nutrition for high quality training, while still achieving a calorie deficit.” The month leading up to a fight sees Wootton switch to a healthy diet, but what’s in his fridge the rest of the time? Let’s find out.

Go bananas

“I like porridge for breakfast with chopped bananas on top, and if I’m going to indulge a bit, I like smoothies with frozen banana – they make it really creamy!”

Berry nice

“Sometimes I’ll have blueberries with my porridge, but I cut out all sugar, including fruit, the month before a fight. It’s difficult – my sugar cravings are so strong, it’s like an A-class drug addiction. On the day of a fight, I’ll have a breakfast of granola and blueberries – and they’re the first thing I reach for when I finish a fight!”

Go go, h2o

“I don’t really have fizzy drinks, but I always have cold water in the fridge. It’s tap water because I’m cheap! Nutritionally, bottled water might be better, but I drink so much it would be really expensive to buy it. Other than water, I drink one coffee a day, then some green tea.” 

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Got milk?

“I love porridge and when I’m losing weight for fights, I make it with either skimmed milk or milk alternatives, like oat, soy, almond or coconut. I love coconut milk! And I’ll usually add a bit of cinnamon, too!”

The eggs factor

“I tend to eat four meals a day and the last one is usually a spinach omelette – I eat a lot of spinach! I always try to buy organic eggs and the last week before a fight, I take out the yolk and just use the egg whites.”

Peanut Butter passion

“I really like peanut butter – I go for the crunchy stuff! If I don’t need to lose weight, I’ll have a cheeky little spoonful of peanut butter in my porridge, and sometimes a bit of honey too!”

Yoghurt? yummy!

“If I want a treat at night, I might have some yoghurt. I eat coconut yoghurt or plain, low-fat yoghurt because all the flavoured ones have sugar in them. I add cocoa powder because it makes it taste chocolatey but there’s no sugar in it – and it’s got a lot of nutrients as well!”

Quick snacks

“When I’m getting close to a fight, I want to get some protein at breakfast so I’ll normally have oats, cottage cheese and nuts. I’ll have brazil nuts, pecans, cashew nuts and almonds – a mixture.”

Fishy thinking

“I need protein without adding weight, so I eat a lot of prawns – which are low in calories but high in protein – plus omelettes and fish. I also like mackerel, cod and salmon.”

All about balance

“My diet changes a lot depending on how far I am away from a competition – sometimes, I need to lose weight for the category. If I’m not that far away, I’ll eat quite a balanced diet, like chicken with sweet potato and broccoli.”

Clean source of carbs

“When I need to lose weight, I cut back on carbs or get them from a clean source, like beans and pulses – they’re low in calories and have some protein. Or I just have some vegetables, like kale, broccoli and beetroot.”

Super spag bol

“After a weigh-in for a fight, I don’t need much protein so I have a lot of carbs. I really like having spaghetti bolognese in a rich tomato sauce.”

Treat time

“After a fight, when I’m not so strict, I’ll have Häagen-Dazs salted caramel ice-cream and Reese’s peanut butter cupcakes. There’s a café near my gym that does Reese’s hot chocolate! For my birthday, I had a chocolate salted caramel fudge cake with toffee popcorn. It was immense.”


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