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DJ BBQ's 6 top tips for outdoor cooking

Summer is almost upon us and that means barbecues. Who better than DJ BBQ himself to tell us what to do? Here are the grilling fanatic's top 6 tips

1) Half and half your grill

Set your grill up for goof proof cooking. I like to always leave a safe zone. The easiest way to set up your grill is the half and half technique. Charcoal on one side, no charcoal on the other. This way you can get a good colour (char) on your food over the direct heat.

If things get out of hand and the heat/flames are too intense, you can move your food to the indirect heat. Plus this a good way to ensure that your meat is cooked all the way through. Putting the lid on your cooker turns your outdoor grill into an outdoor oven. Great for cooking chicken.

2) Relax your meat

Before grilling a steak, make sure you take the meat out of the fridge for at least half an hour so it can get to room temperature. It’s a muscle and needs to relax to be nice, tender and juicy.

3) Keep it British

Buy British….This country has high welfare standards when it comes to raising animals. British beef, pork, and lamb is easily some of the best tasting meat in the world.  

4) Get fruity

Use fruit woods when grilling or smoking for a sweet flavour. You can also make fresh charcoal to add more flavour to your food by cooking the wood down and then grilling over the coals. My favourite woods to use are cherry, apple, orange, and sweet chestnut. Do not cook over elderflower or pine wood as they let off an acrid smoke.

5) Time for a rub down

Make your own rubs and marinades. The classic rub contains 5 main ingredients. Sea salt, cracked pepper, onion granules, garlic granules and brown sugar. Then get adventurous by adding dry herbs like oregano, coriander, cumin, cayenne, chilli powder, and or paprika.

6) Finishing touch

Always add BBQ sauce near the end of the cook. BBQ sauce contains sugar and when sugar hits heat it can burn easily.  

Good luck and happy grilling.

Hellmann’s has teamed up with YouTube star and grilling fanatic, DJ BBQ to travel the world in search of the tastiest grilled food ever to be touched by fire, resulting in a four-part series called Finding Grilltopia. This summer-long search for Grilltopia marks the launch of a new range of Hellmann’s premium BBQ and Hot sauces, each inspired by exotic flavours from around the world, which join their Classic Real Mayonnaise and Mayonnaise with Olive Oil.


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