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David Sisi: What's in your fridge?

London Irish back row, David Sisi, tells us how he fills up to power himself on

Weight watcher

I’m a back row forward so my job in rugby is to be slightly more mobile in comparison to other positions. We all eat similar things but the portion size is different because I have to maintain my weight. As far as calories go, I eat anywhere between 2,500 to 3,500 a day, depending on what time of the year it is. If I’m looking to lose weight in the pre-season and get fit for the new one, I’ll eat a lot less, but still enough to keep myself going through the tough training sessions.

Expert help

We have in-house nutritionists who we work with at the club, and they give us approved supplements when we need to add to our diet. It can be anything from BCAA protein for pre-training, to whey protein after we’ve trained. We’ll have a recovery drink post-match, too, which is usually a mix of protein and carbohydrates.


The amount of veg I have on my plate really depends on where I am in the week. For game day it can almost be 50 per cent carbs, 30 per cent protein and only 20 per cent veg, but at the start of the week I’d go 40 per cent veg, 40 per cent protein and only 20 per cent carbs. I do a roast veg tin with carrots, sweet potato, parsnips, potatoes and a variety of greens. With fruit, bananas are a good go-to in the mornings when I need a boost, and I tend to eat a lot of oranges, too.

Carb loading

I will ramp up my carb intake towards the end of the week for when I play at the weekend because I need the energy. My staple is sweet potato, which I can cook in a variety of ways, such as baked, mashed or roasted. It probably makes up about 60 per cent of the carbs I eat in a week. If I need something to take away with me, I’ll cook up some pesto pasta or make a pasta carbonara other times.

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Carnivore challenge

As far as protein goes, there are no limits. You could pretty much name any meat because I love them all. Quality of meat is a real big thing for me though, so I get all my free-range organic meat from a company called Field and Flower. I like my meat rare, especially with my sirloin – I think it’s criminal to over-cook a good steak. I’ll also get loads of fish from them, too such as salmon, cod fillets or haddock. I eat loads of eggs, mostly for breakfast because they are a good source of protein. I like them poached or fried over-easy, but this morning I had three poached ones with bacon, baked beans and mushrooms.


A lot of us Rugby players snack on CRUGA Biltong because it’s a great source of protein and it’s a handy snack to have in your kitbag on away days. A little packet of Percy Pigs to have on the coach always goes down well with the lads, too.


Water is key when we are training but we also load up on isotonic drinks to keep us hydrated throughout the day. Before games, we’ll have Dioralyte to top up. Away from the pitch, it’s lots of cups of tea with just a little milk. Rugby players are famed for the amount of coffee we drink; we go through jugs and jugs of it at the ground to keep us alert for training and I’ll drink up to eight cups a day. I’m Italian so I take it strong and black with no sweeteners.

Taste of Italy

Post-match it’s a bit of a tradition among the boys to have a Domino’s pizza. After a game, you’re battered and sore when you get home you order in. Being half Italian, I’m a bit of a classics man, so I like my pepperoni pizza. Dessert wise, definitely Tiramisu made by my Nonna – it’s outstanding, so much so when I have guests over, I’ll make it.

Condiment carousel

With breakfast, I’ll always have ketchup or maybe a bit of HP sauce, but I’m also a bit weird and have mayonnaise with quite a lot of food – I’ll dunk my sweet potato in it and everything. Don’t worry, I don’t put it on my steaks, though – that really would be unforgivable!


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