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You don't win friends with salad

Five ways to get the perfect barbecue by Jon Finch and Ben Merrington, authors of Grillstock: The BBQ Book.

Get well oiled

Before and after every session, you should clean and oil your grill. Get it nice and hot to burn off any crud then, using tongs, rub over with a kitchen towel dipped in a light cooking oil.

Don’t fiddle and poke

And definitely don’t squeeze – you’ll lose all those lovely juices. Once you’ve put the meat on the grill just leave it. You should only turn once or twice through cooking.

Set up two-zones on the grill

Set up your barbecue so you have two cooking zones, one directly over the flames for searing, the other cooler to allow the meat to cook through indirectly.

Douse those flames

Learn to control your fire and keep the heat consistent. Keep a spritz bottle full of water handy and douse down flames that start getting out of hand.

Don’t get saucy until the end

Barbecue sauces and glazes have a high sugar content that will burn very quickly and go bitter. Cook your meat through and then glaze/sauce towards the end. Allow to go sticky over indirect heat.


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