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Amir Khan // Eat Like a champ

If it's good enough for Amir Khan, it's good enough for us. Eat like a champion and be a winner

“My diet follows the basic rules – high in protein, clean and plenty of water," explains Amir Khan. "Me and my nutritionist talk every day. I follow a meal plan, so my breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are all planned out. My nutritionist plans my food and nutrition depending on my training – a long run burns more carbs than a weights session. Everything is more science-driven. I think of it like being a sports car – you put the best fuel in for the best performance.”
Buckle up!

“Poached eggs, followed by oatmeal with a few berries. I try and stay healthy all year around and I’m not fantastic at cooking, so I try and keep it simple with toast with butter, eggs and beans. Every now and then I may treat myself to some Sugar Puffs.”

“Normally, I’ll have some grilled fish (tilapia or halibut) or chicken breast with a side of sweet potato and mixed salad. I like to keep it pretty basic and always make sure that I am packing in the right amount of protein at the right times.”

“I love a rare stake, I think it’s the best – also really good for you, too. Other than that, I like grilled chicken and also lamb. I eat a lot of vegetables like kale, celery, spinach and bell peppers.”

“I always drink around 4 litres of water a day to make sure I'm hydrated. I also eat fruit like pineapple, blueberries, rasperries and strawberries.”

“After training, I’ll have a MaxiNutrition Promax Lean shake and then have high protein foods such as fish, chicken or eggs.”

Amir Khan is an ambassador for MaxiNutrition – the sports nutrition product of choice for elite and amateur (sport) players, visit: www.maxinutrition.com