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The UK’s first Questival is back!

Wildfire Adventure camp returns for a unique weekend of immersive adventure and hedonistic partying for adults only at a secret location on the outskirts of London

Forest location - check. Limited number of tickets - check. Kendall Jenner and her band of immaculately turned out companions? It’s a no I’m afraid. Rather than being lead in the direction of the nearest wifi hotspot to post that undoubtedly fabulous selfie, revellers will be entertained by camp leaders and a spectacular show team for a weekend of immersive theatre, music and adventure.

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The ‘Questival’ requires you to leave your modern day lifelines at the door (no electronic devices allowed - not even cameras), with a focus on immersing yourself in the fulfilment of sunny days rather than likes on your latest social media offering. Wildfire is a 1950’s style adventure camp by day but as darkness falls, a hedonistic utopia of rich music and unabashed revelry is on offer thanks to the team behind LeeFest.

As well as escaping the 21st century, revellers can learn Bushcraft Survival Techniques, take part in Treasure Hunts, enjoy a cuppa in the Naked Tea Tent, engage in a Tug Of War, launch inanimate objects in a Catapult, or try their hand at Nipple Tassle Making - amongst an array of other activities.

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Expect the unexpected as Wildfire Adventure Camp returns to reclaim that feeling of being human, reinventing the concept of what a festival can be and embracing fellow explorers to join them on a weekend of adventure. 

Join the movement, embrace the curious.

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