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Whats upp? Anna Kendrick

Who is worse, child actors or Hollywood divas? 

Broadway kids freaked me out. I was one of them, and would be around these groups of actor-children like, “Why are you all so concerned with head-shots and stage names? Are you guys on cocaine? What’s happening?” I suppose it’s transformed from hyperactive pint-sized divas into aloof, hipster divas, but I find both breeds alarming and crazy. 

Is Hollywood sexist?

There’s sexism fucking everywhere. I saw this Mitchell and Webb sketch recently about the difference between male and female advertising. A woman acts out an advert clearly aimed at women and it’s like, “You smell and your family probably hate you, but if you got this razor then maybe you’ll be socially acceptable.” Then the men’s ad is like, “You look great! Don’t change a thing. Have a beer and buy this razor if you feel like it!” I think our entire culture is like that.

Do many people in Hollywood watch Mitchell and Webb?

I don’t know but I’m a massive Anglophile. I grew up on Eddie Izzard, and get excited whenever I’m in the UK and can watch QI and 8 Out Of 10 Cats. I want to learn to make Yorkshire Pudding, too. 

In your new movie, Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates, you play party girl Alice. What’s the last wild thing you did?

Um, the last time I went out it was to an art museum in LA because I felt like I needed some culture. I’m in such a bubble, l don’t even know what’s going on in the world. Obama’s up for re-election, right?

Er, yeah... You’re in animated movie Trolls this year too, what was that like?

If I could do animated movies for the rest of my life I would. They’re so much more fun. They said they were happy that I brought ‘psychotic energy’ to that character [Poppy]. I guess that’s nice. 

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is in cinemas now


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