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48 hours in east London

London is one of the world’s great cities but it’s too big. So we’ve chopped it in half. River crossing is easy these days; the new divide is east and west, so we’ve put together a bunch of cool stuff if you head east. 


Greenwich lies on the Meridian line, which gives us Green Mean Time (also a local brewery). At the top Greenwich Park is the Royal Observatory, with a great view across the city and an interstellar view of all the cosmic business in the sky. Down by the river is the Cutty Sark a 19th- century tea clipper kept in a dry dock. It’s often over run by primary school kids, but it’s recently been refurbished and is now pretty good.  

Royal Observatory (Thinkstock)


"Dressed smart like a London bloke. Before he speak his suit bespoke."
Kanye West



For late night action head to Peckham for Frank’s Cafe (at the top of a car park) and the Bussey Building. If you want to dancie even later head to Bloc in Hackney Wick, the shadow of the London Stadium, it’s one of the few areas in London where warehouse nightlife is still thriving. 

Bussey Building (Bussey Building)


Brick Lane is lined with curry houses, most listing their successes at ‘The British Curry Awards’; arrive prepared to haggle over the price. If you’re feeling carnivorous Stoke Newington is full of noisy, hot Turkish kebab houses (Mangal 2 has the best Twitter) and you can bring your own beer. If you’re looking during the day on a Saturday go to Broadway Market. 

Food market (Food market)

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