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The ultimate suitcase

Meet Bluesmart’s trackable, chargeable, self-weighing suitcase

Lots of juice

A 10,000 mAh battery and USB port in the case means you can charge your phone or tablet up to six times on one battery. Adaptors, your days are numbered

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Take a weight off

Inbuilt digital scales will make sure you hit that 12kg limit bang on – sync to the app, and it will even give you suggestions on items to pack to save weight

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Stay connected

Wireless tech means you can sync your mobile with the Smart Suitcase, and 3G coverage by Telefonica will help you pinpoint the case anywhere in the world

Room for more

Despite its compact size, the case’s 34L capacity means plenty of room for clothes and Duty Free tat, as well as a sleeve for a 15in laptop

Time and space saver

Measuring 62cm x 39cm x 26cm, the suitcase is small enough to fit in overhead storage, and is made using a lightweight aluminium polycarbonate

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Bluesmart smart suitcase, £349.99.