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Top tech for 2017

We look at tomorrow-tech you’ll be wearing, buying and drooling over… 


Simply step on this laptop-sized platform, which fits in a backpack, and it’ll carry you down the street at up to 6.2mph. The WalkCar’s Japanese inventor came up with the idea for a ‘car-in-a-bag’ after getting fed up looking for parking spaces.

£1,030 (Sept 2017) 

Cocoa motors Walkcar ()



Professor Stephen Hawking is worried that AI robots will eventually take over the planet. To prevent this, our only hope is to keep pace with the ’bots by upgrading our fleshy bodies with bionic tech. The Phoenix SuitX, a wearable exoskeleton, is primarily designed to allow paralysed people to walk, but expect loads of similar robo-suits in 2017, meaning we can all enjoy super-human strength. Right?

£32,500 (Out now)

SuitX ()



The first ‘automated bartending appliance’ goes on sale in 2017, dispensing freshly made cocktails with the tap of an app. It’s a bit like a coffee machine – but instead of filling it with beans and water, you fill the ‘pods’ with booze, juices and bitters. It wouldn’t impress 007, though, since it can’t ‘shake’ a martini. Yet.

£350 (Sept 2017)

Sombar robot bartender ()




Chuck the Lily Camera – the first ‘throw-and-shoot’ drone – into the air, and it hovers above your head, shooting aerial video as you run, cycle or board. It’s even waterproof and floats, so it can land on a lake. But if your hold out your hand, it’ll land in your palm like a tame bird.

£800 (Summer 2017) 

Lily camera ()



These ODG R-7’s look like a pair of badass designer sunnies, and feature see-through stereoscopic displays in the lenses. Basically, it’s like having a 65in TV floating about 8ft away from you, so you can watch films and surf the net without anyone knowing.

£2,250 (TBC 2017) 

Osterhoutgroup ODG R-7 ()



Current VR models either hog your smartphone or are the size of a small city – not the Pico Neo VR. All the tech, chips and batteries are hidden in the Nintendo-style controller, making the headset lighter than a feather, leaving you to explore VR worlds without feeling like you’ve got a rock strapped to your forehead.

£450 (Late 2017)

Pico Neo VR ()



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