Vybra Airvida personal air purifier in white ()Vybra Airvida personal air purifier in white () © Copyright

Protect yourself from the air

You know this situation: you’re strolling along the pavement, sun out, birds singing, when… POW. A bus thunders past and serves up a lungful of black stuff.

If only there were some sort of futuristic device that emits ions to keep nasty air pollution at bay. Right?

OK, no one has ever thought that – but Vybra has made one anyway.

The AirVida fires out ions that catch those dirty air particles and clumps them together so that they fall to the curb and away from your precious, delicate lungs.

It even fights off germs, too – perfect for when that ill-boy on the bus coughs in your face.

It’ll go 30 hours on a charge, and there are no filters to replace. It costs a whopping £199, but with pollution on the rise, can you afford not to get it? 

Vybra Airvida in white ()


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