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Yacht. Yacht. Need!

Mega yacht? Or outdoor nightclub with a 125ft-high sky platform? It’s both – it’s the Shaddai superyacht

Bore off Boaty McBoatface, we’ve got Money McMoneyface. Set to become the world’s most luxurious floating palace, the Shaddai is 492ft of ocean-going lunacy, complete with a penthouse suspended 12 storeys above the deck. It’s the work of Italian yacht designer Gabriele Teruzzi – “I wanted to take the owner to an extreme sense of power” he told us – but sadly, it’s only at the concept stage just now. Get a move on, Gabs, summer’s nearly over! 


On the roof of the penthouse suite is a sky terrace complete with dining table and bar. Oh, and it has an infinity pool designed to reflect the sunset. How do you get the ice for the drinks all the way up there? It will have a lift. Duh. 

Shaddai Superyacht Penthouse ()



Why put the sofas on the floor when you can create a sunken lounge area in the middle of the infinity pool? As you sip a pre-dinner cocktail and scoff down a bowl of Twiglets, you’ll hear the gentle foaming of the pool’s waterfall. 

Shaddai Superyacht Swimming pool sofas ()



The 300 sq metre ‘beach club’ features a nightclub sound system and furniture covered in luxury fabrics from Italy’s top fashion houses. The vibe is very much Las Vegas pool party, with an aquarium used to corner off the chill-out zone. 

Shaddai Superyacht Aquarium ()



Towing an inflatable banana isn’t going to impress your billionaire mates, so the yacht includes various ‘water toys’, including a mini sub and an inflatable slide. This fold-out balcony makes it easy to mess about on the water. 

Shaddai Superyacht Swimming platform ()



Why skulk around below deck when you can watch the sunrise from the Shaddai’s 1,100 sq ft penthouse suite? Inspired by a skyscraper, the yacht’s designer says you’ll feel like you’re “touching the clouds”. The tinted windows are a nice touch, but who’s going to see you getting frisky up there?

Shaddai Superyacht Penthouse ()



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