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A real high-flyer

Nostalgia with a tech twist: the paper aeroplane drone.

You’re never too old to fly a paper aeroplane (while humming the Top Gun theme). But if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to sit in its tiny cockpit, wonder no more. The PowerUp FPV paper aeroplane drone is fitted with a live streaming camera. Strap on the Google Cardboard VR goggles and you can see what the plane sees. To pilot the drone, simply move your head from side to side. 


This paper aeroplane is built around a carbon fibre frame and has a top speed of 20mph. Crash detection tech shuts off the motors preventing you from slamming it into the ground at full pelt. 


Wearing your smartphone with this head mounted virtual reality display, you can control the drone’s path with head movements. Try to not stare at anyone or you’ll have their eye out.

PowerUp FPV paper aeroplane drone ()


£160 poweruptoys.com

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