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Bugatti makes a bicycle

The world’s lightest urban bike...

The name Bugatti conjures up images of 250mph supercars. But the luxury marque’s latest set of wheels is a little less pimpin’ and a little more peddllin’.

Say hello to… the PG Bugatti Bike. Made from 95% carbon fibre, this ridiculously-light steed weighs in at just 5kg, and has thus been crowned ‘The World’s Lightest Urban Bike’.

Where’s the engine? Well, if you insist you can specify a (heavier) model that has an electric motor.

The boundary-pushing design is loosely based on an original sketch from 1913 by Bugatti’s forward-thinking founder, Ettore Bugatti.

There will be a limited run of 667 bikes worldwide, with each model requiring 900 man hours to complete, which sort of explains the price tag of around £30k.

Naturally, they’re made to your specification, so expect to see the likes of Floyd Mayweather showing off their ostrich-leather saddle and ruby-encrusted handlebars soon.

PG Bugatti bike. The world's lightest urban bicycle ()

From £29,800;

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