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Clever caffeine

If James Bond had a coffee maker, it’d be the Jura J6...

Still drinking freeze-dried coffee? Shame on you. For a mere £1,695, you could become the proud owner of the world’s best coffee machine.

The state-of-the-art Jura J6 features an Apple-style white finish, and can be operated with a smartphone.

Tap the Jura app to tweak everything from the temperature of the coffee to the precise depth of the froth. Simply skip 567 trips to Starbucks and it will pay for itself. 

Cool beans

The Aroma grinder pulse-grinds to extract the best flavour from the beans. It promises a ‘taste explosion’ thanks to its six settings, from coarse to fine. 

Jura J6 coffee maker ()


£1,695  uk.jura.com

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