Playstation VR headset (Sony Computer Entertainment)Playstation VR headset (Sony Computer Entertainment) © Copyright

The future is now

If you’ve seen the hilarious footage of an 81-year-old grandfather screaming ‘Just die!’ as he fights off wave after wave of zombies, you’ll know that strapping on a virtual reality headset for the first time is going to be an epic experience. If you fancy sinking into a world of ‘total immersion’, it doesn’t get any better than the new PlayStation VR headset. 

Playstation VR headset (Sony Computers Entertainment)

The futuristic goggles turn any bog-standard PS4 into a VR bonanza so ‘real’, you’ll forget that you’re slumped on a sofa on planet Earth. 


Your eyeballs will be treated to a 5.7in OLED screen. Is it as sharp as a 4kTV? We’ll be honest and say ‘nah’. But this beauty does work a treat with the best PS4 VR titles, Star Wars and Batman.


There is a total of nine sensors that aid positional awareness. When combined with ‘blur-minimising’ tech, it means you can play for hours without feeling like you’re on a fishing boat in the South China Sea.

Playstation VR headset (Sony Computers Entertainment )


Playstation VR headset (Sony Computers Entertainment)