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You see me rollin’

Rolls-Royce unveils its first driverless car for VVIPs

Rolls-Royce, 110 years old this year, is celebrating its illustrious history with a big, shiny peek into the future. The concept is called Project 103EX and it’s Rolls-Royce’s ‘vision of the future of luxury mobility’. Though ‘extreme swag’ might be a better description. The new land-yacht is fully autonomous, self-driving and equipped with an artificially-intelligent being called ‘Eleanor’ who chauffeurs you to meetings. All you need to do is pop open the doors and the roof, and settle into your silk throne.

Rolls Royce Project 103EX ()


Wheel waste

This Rolls drives itself, so there’s no need for a steering wheel. Instead, all the attention is lavished on the rear passengers, who are treated to a giant OLED touchscreen TV and silk seating.

Rolls out

As the car pulls up at a swanky party, the door and roof open. A red LED light then projects a ‘red carpet’ onto the pavement, allowing you to alight in the most ostentatious way possible