Nintendo classic mini  (PR shot)Nintendo classic mini (PR shot) © Copyright

The gift list

We asked the FS team to reveal which gift they desire more than anything else...

Cambus whiskey (PR shot)

// Gershon Portnoi DREAM GIFT //Amazing whisky 

“I really, really like whisky. And if you really like something, you want the best types of that thing. Step forward, Cambus’ 40-year-old single grain whisky. Last year, 1,812 bottles of it were filled from the oak barrels it had been sitting in for 40 years – and after that long, you know it’s going to taste better than anything you’ve ever tasted before. That’s why I want it!” 



Lavaza coffee machine (PR shot)

// Kevin McCreeth  DREAM GIFT // Coffee machine 

“It seems the more I cycle the more I spend on coffee (and cake, admittedly) and the more angry I become at the poor quality of what I’m served. That anger only increased when I added up what I was likely to spend over a year on half-arsed flat whites. That’s why this Christmas, I’m asking for a Lavazza Jolie coffee machine, so I’ll still get my hit without my wallet taking an even bigger one.”



Nintendo classic mini  (PR shot)

Mark Williams DREAM GIFT //A mini NES 

“You can keep your PS4s and Xbox 580s, because nothing will ever top Super Mario 3, and the Nintendo Classic Mini is bringing the glory days back. Some games these days want you to get up and do actual physical movement, but times were simpler back in the day. Sit in a dark room, jump on turtles, grab coins, save a princess. Easy. Now let’s do it again!” 



Adidas boot (PR shot)

// James Charlton DREAM GIFT // New boots 

“Ten years ago I bought some second- hand Predators, which I wore until they fell apart. After that, I told myself I was too old, too cool and too poor to care about new boots. But this season, I’m lusting after other people’s leather, specifically the adidas X16+ boots. Preferably all in black please, Santa!” 



BB8 (PR shot)

// Tom Bailey DREAM GIFT // Geeky robot toy 

“I’m a bit ‘meh’ about Star Wars, but I got to try out this BB-8 Battle Worn Edition robot recently, and I want more! He scoots around at breakneck speed, guided by a motion-sensitive wristband. Mastering all his moves is as addictive as Pokémon, and even though I had to turn off the ‘pew-pew’ sound after a bit, I really want one for myself.”



Stretchy jeans (PR shot)

// Matt Lizzimore DREAM GIFT // Stretchy jeans 

“I’m not a fashion-conscious person. It’s pretty telling that on the rare occasion I buy a new item of clothing, everyone in the office notices. I do enjoy being comfy, though, and I like stretchy jeans, so these Replay Hyperflex Jeans are a bit of me. Not only are they smart, but the extra elasticity should come in handy on Boxing Day. And all other days. Roll on 2017!” 



Austell brewery tour (PR shot)

// Matt McEvoy DREAM GIFT // A brewery tour with my dad 

“The most precious gift you can give or receive is time – so why not make time for someone you love? And get boozy with them. I’d love to do the St Austell Brewing Experience with my old man. It’s his favourite tipple, so we could sample the ales, check out the blends, learn a thing or two... then get pissed up and forget it all. Perfect.” 

£24 (for two), 


Aspinal bag (PR shot)

// Paul Frost DREAM GIFT // A brand new bag 

“I love to travel, but I don’t have a good weekend bag for short haul trips. I came across the Aspinal brand a few years ago, and they’re fantastically well made for such a reasonable price, so the Aspinal of London Boston bag is perfect for me. The luggage tag can even be personalised up to four initials for that final flourish. So PAUL would be nice. Or just PF. I’m not fussy.” 


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