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The best opening ceremony fails

From cooked doves to parachuting cock-ups, these shockers will make you smile

1994 USA World Cup

It was all going so well. Diana Ross had got the crowd going, everyone was pumped. All she had to do now was score a penalty, but she shanked it comically wide. To add to the spectacle the goal falls in half compounding the hilarity further. What a moment.


2014 Sochi Winter Olympics 

Russia went big on the opening ceremony for the Sochi Winter Olympics. Alas, it went wrong in the simplest of ways. As the eyes of the world were trained on the Olympic rings, the fifth didn’t light/open properly. 

2014 Sochi olympic ring fail  ()


1998 Seoul Olympics

A load of doves are released. There’s a massive great Olympic torch that’s about to become a raging inferno. You can see what’s going to happen. Unfortunately, the organisers didn’t.


2008 Beijing Olympics 

China had nailed the opening the opening ceremony to the Beijing Olympics. At least, they had nailed  it, right up until the everyone realised that the a child singing the national anthem was miming. Then it kicked off. The real kicker was that the child was miming because the original child who recorded the vocals was hidden away because of her ‘bad teeth’. Damn.


2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

The Olympic cauldron at Vancouver was pretty incredible to be fair. The plan was that four pillars would come out of the ground and lean together in the middle. Then, the four assembled stars would then light the pillars which would light the cauldron. Unfortunately, Catriona Le May’s pillar didn’t come out of the ground, so she had to stand there awkwardly and watch. In her defence, she styled it out pretty well.


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