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The world’s coolest leaf-blower

It’s hardly surprising that rocket-powered jetpacks never took off – strapping a tank of explosive fuel to your back was never going to end well. Instead, the future of personal transport is looking more like this awesome hover-bike.

The Beast is the brainchild of automotive designer Rico Kertsen, who designed it to look like a life-size Star Wars toy. The futuristic ride has a giant fan that – by 2116 – will propel humans through the air at blistering speeds. Or you could just use it to dry your hair.

The beast hover bike ()



The radial fan propulsion system – a souped-up version of the fans used to cool computer graphics cards – will generate enough lift to propel you skywards.

The Beast flying bike ()



The F1-style rear wing steers the bike like a plane’s rudder. Just above that, two reverse thrusters take care of braking and reversing.


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