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Summer sauce

24 drinks for those long nights and the best places to nurse them


Be like every US TV star by ordering drinks that come in down-in-one measures 

Mr Black, Kah Reposado, Two birds salted caramel vodka ()


Mr Black


WHAT Cold press coffee liqueur.

WHY Mr Black is made with real craft coffee, not fake cream and E numbers.

WHERE Get Caffeinated in Sydney, the Aussie craft coffee haven. And chat up a backpacker from Kent while you’re at it. 


Two Birds Salted Caramel Vodka


WHAT Flavoured vodka made by artisans.

WHY The taste – it’s nothing like the toffee vodka you find in dodgy nightclubs frequented by Danny Dyer.

WHERE In a panoramic penthouse suite in Vegas, before you hit the clubs and get turnt up (or turnt away). 


Kah Reposado


WHAT Authentic Mexican tequila, inspired by the Day of the Dead.

WHY It’s made from 100% organic blue agave, and it’s ultra-smooth yet  devilishly high-proof.

WHERE The Pink Chihuaha in London is a fitting surrounding – although it’s a member’s bar, so get signed up first.


Beer and cider

Nothing quenches the summer thirst better than a chilled bottle (or can) of the good stuff 

Orchard pig reveller cider, Celia organic, Koppaberg fruit lager lemon and lime, signal lager ()


Orchard Pig Reveller Cider

£4.49 (four)

WHAT Crisp apple cider with a squeeze of lime.

WHY Craft breweries are erasing cider’s reputation as newsagent-dwelling tramp juice.

WHERE It would be rude not to take a tray of these festival-friendly cans to Glasto.


Celia Organic


WHAT The world’s first organic, gluten-free lager.

WHY 1. It doesn’t taste like it came out of a horse, and 2. The Czechs know how to make good lager with a hint of citrus.

WHERE Take a trip to the 14th-century castle in the Czech Republic where it’s brewed.


Kopparberg Fruit Lager Lemon & Lime

£6 (four)

WHAT A tasty hybrid of citrus fruit and bitter lager.

WHY It’s how a shandy should taste. Magnificent.

WHERE At a British BBQ, while the bangers cremate because nobody is watching them.


Signal Lager


WHAT An unfiltered, unpasteurised, chemical-free lager.

WHY Like cold-press juices, this lager is unpasteurised and therefore tastes super-fresh.

WHERE Sup this ultra-clean lager on Virgin Island, one of France’s cleanest beaches.



Mix it up with some strong flavours and cool looks to make your summer sing. Far from your usual fare, this lot should tickle your tastebuds and impress your pals 

Pina Kale-ada, Negroni Sbagliato, Ice Kitchen Mojito poptail, Jäger shake ()


Piña Kale-ada 


WHAT Coconut-washed Bacardi rum, pineapple, kale and citrus.

WHY Superfood cocktails, from artichoke negronis to pea-infused G&Ts, help you hit your five-a-day.

WHERE Portland, Oregon, home of the healthy hipster (and Liam Ridgewell).



  • 1 shot coconut rum
  • 2 handfuls baby kale
  • 1 cup frozen pineapple
  • ½ avocado
  • 1 cup coconut water
  • ½ cup milk
  • 1 tsp chia seeds


Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth, pour into glass and enjoy!


Negroni Sbagliato


WHAT Campari Bitter, Martini Rosso, prosecco.

WHY The Negroni is the macho response to last summer’s hit drink, the Aperol Spritz.

WHERE On a yacht in Monaco, wearing loafers and no socks.


Served up: Add vermouth and Campari to a mixing glass filled with ice. Stir to combine and chill. Strain into champagne flute. Top with prosecco and stir again.

Served on the rocks: Fill an old-fashioned glass with ice. Add vermouth and Campari, and stir. Top with prosecco and stir again.


Ice Kitchen Mojito Poptail 


WHAT White rum, mint and lime – frozen into a 63 calorie lolly.

WHY Booze popsicles are the best bits of being a kid combined with the best bits of being an adult.

WHERE Sip the real deal in Havana, where the drink was invented.


Ingredients (makes 10 popsicles)

  • 1 cup light rum
  • ½ cup sugar syrup
  • ¾ cup flattened club soda
  • 10-20 fresh mint leaves
  • ¼ cup freshly squeezed lime juice


  1. Boil a cup and a half of rum for two minutes to prepare your cup of rum.
  2. Mix ingredients (inc. 10 mint leaves) in a bowl. Pour mixture into popsicle maker, with mint leaf in each mould.
  3. Freeze for a few hours. Enjoy.


Jäger shake


WHAT An ice-cold banana or salted caramel milkshake with a shot of Jagermeister.

WHY The perfect mix of booze and calories, it’s like a night out and a breakfast in one glass.

WHERE The hippest burger joints – sample this beauty at any Gourmet Burger Kitchen.



GBK offer the drink in three flavours – salted caramel, vanilla or banana – so grab four cups of your preferred ice cream flavour, plus two cups of milk, eight tablespoons of sugar and two teaspoons of flavour (if you want).


  1. Mix ingredients in a blender until smooth.
  2. Add a shot of Jägermeister, and stir.
  3. Serve. Drink. Enjoy.



Drink with a bit of class by tucking into these flavoursome shorts, either over ice or with a bit of mixer. Probably not for the faint hearted 

Papadiablo, Haig club, Plantation Pineapple, Rocky Rose Navy Strength, Black Cow ()




WHAT Mezcal – tequila’s smokier, punchier cousin.

WHY Each bottle of this small-batch wonder is blessed by a Mexican witch doctoress.

WHERE In one of the mezcaleria’s that have sprung up all over Mexico City.


Haig Club


WHAT A Mad Men-inspired single grain Scotch.

WHY This light whisky makes excellent cocktails.

WHERE Put on an ironic Pringle sweater and head to the 10th hole bar at pop-up crazy golf course, Swingers London.


Plantation Pineapple


WHAT A new rum made with pineapples.

WHY It’s a tropical game-changer in the style of Lilt.

WHERE At a wild beach party in Jamaica featuring grilled fish and dutty wine.


Rock Rose Navy Strength


WHAT An award-winning craft gin.

WHY It’s infused with Scottish “rock rose”, a herb consumed by viking warriors for extra strength.

WHERE The spectacular coast of Caithness, Scotland.



Bored of the usual plonk? Time to open your mouth to new offerings 

Mancan, Fog Monster, Louis Roederer Brut Nature 2006  ()


Fog Monster


WHAT Orange wine: the wine colour you never knew existed.

WHY It’s made with flavoursome grape skins that give it an orange tint. Snooty sommeliers hate it; Penny Farthing-riding hipsters are fan-girling over it.

WHERE A come-as-you-are wine bar in San Diego or San Francisco.


Louis Roederer Brut Nature 2006


WHAT Zero dosage (no added sugar) champagne.

WHY Most champagnes mask their imperfections with added sugar. So this is the Formula One of wine-making.

WHERE Deluxe diner Bob Bob Ricard. Each table has a “champagne button”. Press for sshervice…



£50 (24 pack)

WHAT Wine in a can, for men who like their wine portable.

WHY As it says on the can: “Crush one at the game or throw one in your back pocket on a camping trip… Just don’t don’t talk about the aroma.”

WHERE Deliver this as a googly for the “one bottle or two pints” rule at Lord’s


Zero proof

Alternatively, put the alcohol to one side and enjoy a tasty treat without the hangover 

Nix and kix, Thomas Evans no.1, Seedlip ()


Nix & Kix


WHAT Soft drink with a kick of cayenne chilli. 

WHY Much less sweet than traditional soft drinks, and the cayenne provides a natural endorphin high.

WHERE The East London Liquor Company’s distillery, while everyone else raises hell.


Thomas & Evans No.1


WHAT A swanky version of Appletiser, inspired by the temperance movement.

WHY For when fizzy water just won’t cut it.

WHERE At the Goodwood Festival of Speed. You can drink and drive.




WHAT The world’s first non-alcoholic distilled spirit.

WHY Because it’s gin without the gin, and your body will thank you. A risk-free G&T.

WHERE Wimbledon, so you can remember who won the match.


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