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Join Strava's Bike to Work Day Challenge

Get your bike ready for Tuesday 10th May because Strava is hosting a Global Bike to Work Day Challenge.

Partial to getting your pistons pumping? Strava is inviting cyclists to join the Global Bike to Work Day Challenge on Tuesday 10th May 2016 using the hashtag #CommutesCount in support of better cycling and pedestrian infrastructure.

If you cycle, there's a good chance you already have the Strava app, if not, then it's about time you got it. Why? Well not only does it track your activities, but Strava Metro is actually helping to make cycling better for everbody. 

Essentially, it collects the anonymous data and shares its findings with partners with urban planners to make the city more friendly to cyclists and pedestrians. So you get a workout and cycling gets a bit better. Everybody wins. 

Every commute will make a difference according to Gareth Nettleton, VP of Marketing for Strava: “Your Strava commute counts because every activity has the potential to make a difference to cycling in your area. It doesn’t matter if you ride 1 mile or 50 miles, if you ride to work on 10th May you can be a part of a global movement to make cities better for cyclists.”

Strava metro #commutescount ()


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Image: Rich Mitch