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Simon Clark Q+A

The face of Mont Blanc Legend talks modelling, style and grooming...

How did you get into modelling?

Interestingly enough I actually did the title sequence for Match of The Day; I was playing football on Wanstead Flats in East London and there was two of us, my friend Roger and we were approached by someone who worked for the BBC and asked whether we’d like to come along to Wembley and film the title sequence for Match of The Day. I must have been 18 when I did that. That was my introduction to all of this, at the time I was a young engineer getting paid £38 a week at Ford in Dagenham and then I got paid £400 to play football at Wembley all day with a mate. That was my first job and it went from there.

And now you’re the face of Mont Blanc Legend, what sets it apart from other fragrances?

It just smells better than other fragrances. It’s more robust it’s definitely a man’s scent. There’s a certain nostalgia to it, it evokes a lot of memories, it’s a strange thing smell and how it can do that. It reminds me of being young and being out all night, out out. I remember being a young guy going out in London and that exhilaration that you’re let in a club, there’s all those associations with that time. My favourite spot was a club night called the Locomotion in Kentish town on a Friday night, it was absolutely epic.

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We’ve seen you in a couple of different campaigns with and without facial hair. Do you have a preference?

There’s a real trend at the moment, especially in the UK, for heavy facial hair and big beards isn’t there. I like the stubble look but I like to start with a wet shave and let it become stubble. A lot of guys will just clipper it and will never wet shave. But it’s one of the only ways you can pamper yourself as a guy.

The photographic preference is definitely stubble from an aesthetic point of view but I do like to shave.

What advice would you give to guys when they’re having their photo taken?

Oh it’s a nightmare isn’t it for everyone cause you want all pictures to be good don’t you, you’re invested in it – I don’t want another hall of famer where I look like shit. Get whoever’s taking the photo to stand on a chair and shoot down, like how everyone takes selfies from above, that’s a classic. If you can ignore the fact that you’re having your picture taken for that split second. Pose, go for it, think ‘how am I gonna look good’ because after it’s taken it’s too late.

Simon Clark modelling mont blanc ()


How would you describe your day-to-day style off camera?

Sort of skate-chic. I think it’s just how you feel comfortable and how you express yourself, you want people to know who you are through the way you dress. I always have to have that signature thing whether or not other people might consider it to be cool but I have to feel like I’m telling people who I am.

Do you have any style icons?

Yeah I like that sort of nod to the 60’s, relaxed Americana thing like Levis, chinos and sweatshirts. The obvious one is Steve McQueen but I’m trying to be a bit more original. A great movie for style tips for guys is on any Sunday. It’s a documentary made in the 60’s about amateur motorcycle sport that happens on Sunday in America and it’s just an incredible era.

What’s your favourite piece of clothing in your wardrobe?

It’s a Levi denim jacket with the fake sheepskin lining that I bought when I was 16 in San Francisco.  Can’t part with that.

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Have you ever had any fashion or grooming shockers?

Yeah god an unbelievable amount. This is another thing about the Mont Blanc thing you get good hair as a guarantee. You’re only as good as the people you work with, a hairdresser can literally ruin the day, as a model if the team is wrong then you’ll be wrong too.

Are their any products you swear by?

Obviously if you wanna smell good you’ve gotta use Legend. But if you want your hair to look good you’ve gotta use Bumble and Bumble Semisumo and I think for moisturising there’s a French brand called Embryolisse which has been around for a long time it’s good stuff.

What’s your favourite ever shoot that you’ve done?

Hot air ballooning in the Himalayas for Camel Trophy in terms of location was pretty epic. 10-12,000 feet up in a hot air balloon is unbelievable, high altitude hot air ballooning oh my god it blows your mind. Everyone turns in to the basket because you can’t look anymore it plays too many tricks on your mind. People define vertigo as that feeling that you can’t control that desire to jump and that desire becomes overwhelming everyone’s like oh god.


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