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Sean Conway spices up your life

If you somehow missed it, action adventurer Sean Conway did a record-breaking triathlon around the UK and even had his own three-part documentary of his epic 4,000 mile journey. Here are his top tips for adding a bit of adventure to your life...

Be inquisitive

Think outside the box. Not every adventure needs to be epic, simply do something you’ve never done before or go somewhere you’ve never been and see what happens.

Forget your fear

I once decided to swim the length of Britain, 900 miles up the west coast, having never swam more than three miles in one go. Find your challenge and say yes to it – forget your fear and push yourself even harder. 

Spice up the everyday

Start small; take up a new hobby or sport, or learn to cook something new and exciting – that’s why I love taking Mexicana® on my travels for a spicy kick to my meals. You’ll be surprised where new skills take you and I guarantee everything you learn will come in useful at some point along the way.

Always be prepared, and be prepared to be resourceful

Nowhere to stay? I sometimes sleep in my car. No shower? Swim in a river. But most of all, always carry a pack with essential items for that spontaneous adventure. 

Make the most of every moment

Whether you have a month, week, day or even an hour, go off and find something new. A map is your best friend – find somewhere you’ve never been before and go exploring!