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Wayne Rooney: Life off the pitch

Footballers used to wear a lot of blingy, iced out watches — is there more of an appreciation for craftsmanship in today’s dressing rooms?

Theres definitely a growing appreciation of the craftsmanship of watches but theres still a bit of bling about. Its generally the younger lads with the diamond watches

I was the same at their age! Your taste changes as you get a bit older and now I definitely take more notice of the craftsmanship than the bling and like to go for a more sophisticated watch.

Both Pele and Usain Bolt rock a Hublot, so youre in great company. What's the attraction of a Hublot?

They look great and theyre smart, stylish and very comfortable. The biggest attraction for me is that Hublot watches look good for any occasion. I am just as happy wearing mine casually during the day as I am for a classy evening out.

Youve said that getting wrapped up in football 24/7 isnt healthy. How do you like to chill out?

I spend most of my time away from football with my family. Theres nothing more I enjoy than a day out with my 3 boys. I also like to play FIFA on the PlayStation and chill out at home. I have an online game going with some friends which is always a good laugh.

Have you tried virtual reality yet - will that revolutionise movie night in the Rooney household?

Kai and I have had a little play with one of the headsets and we really enjoyed it, we were watching something where monsters jumped out at you. I havent watched a movie in it yet but Im sure it would be brilliant and a lot of fun for all the family.

What's the most effective training tip you can give FS readers who want to get the edge on the pitch?

Whenever I get asked this question the answer is always the same, simply to always give 100%. If you give it your all on the training pitch everyday theres not much more you can do. Ive played professional football for over 14 years and I still treat every training session like its my first.


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