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Get down with it

Whether you're hiking, skiing or simply going from A to B this winter, a down jacket will keep you warm like no other. So if you're into the outdoors look, they're definitely the way to go. 


Patagonia isn't just one of the coolest brands about, it's one of the most environmentally responsible. After introducing Traceable Down in 2014, to help ensure the birds that supply it are not live plucked or force-fed, they've now launched a range of products featuring Recycled Down. 

How it works

  1. Collection

    Used cushions, comforters, pillows and other unsellable items stuffed with down and feathers are collected from all over Europe and shipped to a collector in France. Workers sort the items for quality, separating the premium down we use from the lower-quality materials used in other industries. 

  2. Extraction

    The items are cut open in the presence of a large vacuum, which sucks in the contents. The down is then mixed and sorted according to quality. Not only is all of it recycled, but all of the fabric is chopped up to make insulation for homes and cars. 

  3. Processing

    The down is shipped from France to Hungary, where it’s sorted again, washed, then dried at a temperature of 275 Fahrenheit, which sanitizes it. This is the same cleaning process used for virgin down. Next, the recycled down is blended to ensure a rating of at least 600-fill-power. It’s placed in green plastic bags to help identify it as recycled, then shipped to cut-and-sew factories in Asia.

  4. Sewing

    The recycled down arrives at the factories, where it’s segregated from virgin down. Then it’s sewn into products. All of the down is tested both by the processor and the International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory to ensure 600-fill-power quality. Recycled content and chain of custody from the collector to the sewing factory are certified by the Control Union under the recycled claim standard (RCS). 

Bivy down jacket and vest

Made from a durable wind and water resistant canvas, they're more than capable of handling whatever winter has to throw at you. 

Patagonia Bivvy Down Jackets (PR shot)

Bivy down jackts £170,

Patagonia gillets (PR shot)

Bivy down vests £140,

Down snap-t pullover & shirt

Featuring the same recycled down as used in the Bivy jackets, but with 100% recycled polyster too. And treated with a water repellent finish for good measure.

Patagonia snap pullover  (PR shot)

Down snap-t pullover £185,


Patagonia down shirts (PR shot)

 Down shirt £150,

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